Thanks for the follows

I just realised my days are determined and lead down paths from the feedback by my readers and followers around the world, like you. So thanks for the input.

All your comments and feedback encourage (greatly), uplift and even inspire me to follow “this road less travelled”.

I love my days “interacting with you’ guys and gals’ (and anything else in these PC * days-very)”

“sleepy-head and totally non PC” craig

“the world’s fourth worst writer”



* and definitely NOT a police constable)


“Driven to uplift, encourage and (perhaps even) inspire”

…”of chaos” (in the “real world”, so says “the nurse”)

Together, one mind, one soul, one life, one small step at a time, let’s plant seeds of hope, then march together towards a better future…a far brighter tomorrow

pic (below-great) from

Life is a playful poem

Life is a playful poem,
Written throughout the journey in time;
Moments are its verses,
And, our dreams and goals, the imagery;

Ups and downs in life,
The stresses in syllables of a metric foot;
Milestones we reach,
Marks the end-verse of its every stanza;

If thought in-depth,
Poetry and life, both have resemblances;
In their own way,
They leave impressions behind their steps;

A great poem,
By its words, invokes delightful emotions;
A great poet
By his works, inspires people around him;

Expressing emotions through poems is all this blog is about. After all, life itself is like a beautiful poem.

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